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Shake it Off BTS

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LQ Behind the scenes of ‘Shake it Off’

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Taylor Swift explaining what inspired her to write ‘Shake It Off’

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I go on too many dates. But I can’t make them stay.

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i think the best thing about Shake It Off is that any criticism aimed towards that song is going to be fought off with the song itself

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It was so much fun. I woke up every day of that shoot and couldn’t wait to get to set. We had twerking, which was so funny. Those girls were trying to teach me how, and it’s just never gonna happen. I tried really hard. They were teaching me what they do, and there’s like a science to it – they’re like digging their heels into the floor without you seeing their legs move, but their butts’ moving. It’s mind-blowing to me. They were explaining it all to me, and it’s so above my comprehension of how to understand your body.
Taylor Swift tells Rolling Stone about the video shoot (x)

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